Nanashi was envisioned by the Triumvirate for ultimate freedom through a respectable and dignified separation from governments and oppression, by a variety of projects including but not limited to micro-nationalism, survivalism, and self-sufficiency. The Triumvirate consists of three like minded individuals who have known each other now for many years. Within these years we have established similar ways of thinking, ideas, and irritations. From these establishments, we have decided that in order to live freely as individuals, we shall band together and manifest Nanashi from concept to reality. And so we have created the Triumvirate for this very purpose: to create Nanashi.

Nanashi’s Goals

Land procurement: This is by far our biggest goal and our most challenging. In order to create an area where we can live uninterrupted by out-side aversions–namely society–it has been decided on the procurement of undeveloped land of about $10,000 worth in acreage. Our goal, however, is to obtain at least 40 acres of land.

Phase 0

Fundraising. We hope to raise a minimum of $10,000USD in order to facilitate our purchase of land. This number may change once we get closer to our goal. The value of land fluctuates over time, but current estimates indicate we may be able to purchase around 40 acres for this much money. When we get near our goal, we may find that we can purchase significantly more, or that we need to raise more money.

Phase I

Phase 1 is the acquisition of at least 40 acres of land on which to begin development of our nation, including housing, facilities, and infrastructure. Also includes Phase 1 of the Wall.

Phase II

Phase 2 is the construction of housing, basic facilities, and power generation for individual structures. This will include experimentation for various construction methods, such as earth-bag homes, concrete domes, wells, and water distribution. Also includes Phase 2 of the Wall.

Phase III

More work on infrastructure, building toward an actual power grid, irrigation for crops. We will begin reviewing applications for residency. Transition to self-contained agriculture will begin. Also includes Phase 3 of the Wall.

Phase IV

Expansion of certain concepts of our culture will begin, including festivals and holidays, and transition of the governmental seat of power to Capitol Hall.

Phase V