Update Imminent

After a period of inactivity, the Nanashi website is going to be redesigned. The new design will emphasize simplicity and elegance, enabling us to spend more time updating and posting.
This update will be rolled out as soon as it’s complete, which should be within a week or two.

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The Triumvirate has announced that consensus has been reached regarding currency to be used in Nanashi: The bottle cap, and these are to be backed by water.

“Uncirculated” unused caps (that have never been on a bottle) will be equivalent to 250mL of water, and “circulated” caps (those that have been removed from bottles) will be equivalent to 125mL.

Colloquially, these will be called caps and half-caps.

To give a general idea of the value, a small bottle of water (half-liter) would be worth two caps.

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Videos coming soon!

Several videos have been recorded, and will soon be uploaded. Assuming that Commander Haru and I can actually get them edited. And get time to do so. It’s a miracle we had time to film them in the first place.

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We’re proud to make two announcements today!

First: The unveiling of our new extra-special domain name, no longer a sub-domain! Our site is now located at its own domain, NanashiNation.com!

Second: We have finally reached ten percent of our goal! This puts us one tenth of the way toward the purchase of actual land on which to begin construction of our nation.

We have also made cultural progress. Our Commander has begun an adventure into 3D design to promote Nanashi through visual mediums of animations and images.  Our Captain plans on making videos on our progress as independent survivalists. We hope to make strides and begin quickly growing and making our dreams come true.

Nanashi is freedom. Please give us your support by checking out our Facebook, Twitter, or forums.

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Triumvirate meeting canceled this week due to weather. Nothing was up for vote anyway. Fundraising has also come to a standstill, though we have reached 9% — we’re hoping to hit 10% within a fortnight.

Residents have been busy practicing many important skills, including target practice, firestarting, and food preparation. We are well on our way to becoming the self-sufficient nation that we envision. When spring comes, we’ll begin planting crops, learning what types of food we can grow, and what sorts of food we can prepare.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more frequent updates!

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